Adidas reveals the official Ball of the World Cup

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Telstar 18

Adidas reveals the official Ball of the World Cup

Telstar 18

Telstar 18

Adidas revealed football on Thursday, the official ball of the 2018 World Cup, a football “Telstar 18”, which revived the first official football of the adidas World Cup “Telstar”, which was used at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico.

The disclosure of the new ball, at a ceremony held on Thursday in Russia in the presence of the site “”, which was the only present Arab media at the ceremony.

The label is the ball of prestige obtained, as “star TV”, the first of its kind that is decorated with black pieces, where the structure is designed to shine on the white TV and black, and since then has changed the forever design of football.

Characterized by the structure of the ball kept the best in football Brazuca, the official ball of the 2014 World Cup, while the new technology was designed to improve its performance as far as possible.

The ball has been subjected to intensive testing, to ensure that it is adapted to the needs of the best players in the world.

Participated some of the best teams and clubs in the world, in the test process, such as Argentina and Colombia and Mexico, in addition to Manchester United, Juventus, Real Madrid and Ajax.

This advanced stage of the previous official footballs is, where is characterized by a completely new design, the touch of metal and the effect of a distinctive printed force, is designed to provide the best degrees of performance and durability to the inside the stadium, and in the streets.

Sustainability is an essential element in the design and manufacture of “Telstar 18” process beads, with elements containing recycled materials, through the manufacturing process and packaging.

Ball “Telstar 18” with internal NFC chip – used for the first time in an official football – making it the most innovative ball in the history of the World Cup.

This allows the chip users to interact with the ball, using a smart phone, when you start interacting, each ball generates its own ID, provides data and proprietary information to the user.

Offering a unique and perceptive site experience, the specific details of each ball, and provide Luga with the challenges that users can be seized before the World Cup.

He said: “Roland Rommelr”, the director of football equipment, “original Telstar football is one of the most famous footballs at all, which changed the design of football forever. “

He continued, “The 18-year-old Telstar development ball, with the realization of the original model, it was an exciting challenge for us .. raised the new structure with the NFC chip design and innovation in the world of football, to a new level, and provide users and players a new experience altogether. “

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